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                            helps consumers find hidden  city tickets.                             The trick rests in the fact that connecting flights tend to be cheaper than direct ones and if you can save on money by simply treating your connecting destination as your final one why not.

Booking Directly with the Airlines vs. Booking Through a Third Party Site

How to Find Airline Promo Codes

How to Find the Cheapest Flight to Anywhere in the World

Provides lots of cheap deals and insider deals. Good idea to sign up for their newsletter.


Good for looking up inter-

national flights outside the U.S. Fares sometimes cheaper than found at other sites.

Another great search engine that seems to find flights from thousands of airlines and travel sites that offer good deals.

Specializes in round the world trips and international multi-stop tickets.

Good for searching cheap tickets for flights leaving from the U.S.  

Search engines are not created equal. It is a good idea to check a few sites before booking as there are often variations in prices. All these websites don’t cover every region and every airline.

Trip planner focused on long- term travel and Round the World tickets.

Combine multiple open-ended search parameters that, say, “leave on Fridays” and “return three days later” in the “next six months” or go “anywhere in the Caribbean” for “less than $400.” Also collects price drops on flights from your area to a customizable set of destinations around the world.

Cruise Sheet

Searches the web for the best cruise deals. They can help you book your cruise at the best price directly.

For those who prefer to go on an ocean cruise or just sail down a river, Avalon Waterways can transport you to the waterways of Europe, Asia, the US and South America, stopping at many ports to allow exploration of well-known cities as well as small towns and villages.


Canal Barge Cruises

Insider’s Guide  

River Cruises

Whether flying, taking a train or bus or going on a cruise, these websites are fantastic resources.

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Very useful for mapping out the best way to get from A to B across the globe via air, train, coach, ferry, mass transit and driving options.


 (from Travel & Leisure)

Book on an International Website. There can be differences between the rates you find on domestic and international versions of the same site. That means you may find a substantially different ticket price for the same flight on and, the Japanese version. (Don’t worry: it’s in English.) You can find similar discrepancies for internal foreign flights on an international carrier’s own website by changing your “residence” to the airline’s home country.

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Tickets cannot be purchased directly from the site but information can be used when booking through a travel agent or airline.


A great search engine in more ways than one. See Goats on the Road review..  


Does not sell tickets but gives seat alerts for when the seats you want becomes available.


Searches a lot of different air-
lines including budget carriers.

A ride-sharing community for long distance travel connecting drivers and passengers and help share travel costs. They have a Ladies Only option.

Train travel offers a less stressful alternative to flying and the journey itself is an adventure.


As the name implies, Rail Europe, is a single-stop source of train travel in Europe.

Man in Seat 61 has the most compre- hensive information on routes, times and prices for train travel worldwide. provides information, advice and tips on rail travel and rail deals world wide.

Vacations By Rail offers the largest selection of independent train vacations, escorted rail tours, luxury rail journeys and custom rail vacations to destinations in North America, Europe and beyond.

Traveling by bus is the best way to meet the locals and see the countryside.

Busbud provides bus schedules in 89 countries and book bus tickets worldwide.



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Travel by train or bus varies depending on the country or region.

There’s really no better way to see a country than on a bicycle.

More and more operators are offering biking trips for all levels.

The Carter Company are

masters of the English

bike tour. Trek Travel

and Bicycle Adventures

offer bike tours world=




Hop on/hop off bus in Europe and, added in 2015, in Asia.

Cheap Train Travel

A beginner's guide to rail travel in Europe and beyond

5 Steps to Booking a Cheap Flight Online